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Anonymous asked: you should make a porn site eh hahaha since you like showing everyone your bras and undies ya rotten teke poooo hahaha

i dont :/

Anonymous asked: Why do you take photos in your bras and undies then post them up on here, dont your parents see? Lol i just dont get how you put one up of your actaully body and then you said "i know i dont have the bestst body blabla" like gtfo you have a mean body. but yeah js kbai:-)

wheres the photos on here that shows me in my bras and undies hahahaha yeah whatever anon.

Anonymous asked: you and peyton r fuking sluts qee !


Anonymous asked: why are you so perfect.

im not trust me <333

Anonymous asked: I like your jacket, do you like it too?

maakyla? yes i do (: